Appsee’s user retention feature enables you to understand how often your users return to use your app in a given time frame. User retention reports can help you understand if your app meets your users’ needs and expectations and enables you to measure how your app optimization efforts impact user retention.

Here are some insights the retention section can help you find:

  1. Retention Stats – Gain insights regarding basic retention info within the selected date bucket (daily/weekly/monthly) for a given time frame.

For example, as shown above, during the selected time frame:

  1. 19% of new users never returned to use the app after their initial session
  2. 67.9% of them returned to use the app during the following week
  3. The average time interval between the first and the second session is 3 days, 11 hours and 1 minute.


  1. Session Frequency – Measures the average number of sessions within the selected date bucket (daily/weekly/monthly). For example, as shown below, 47.8% of the users used the app 1 time per week.

  2. Retention Cohort Analysis – In the report below, 1,135 new users started to use the app between Feb 26 to March 4. During that week, 76.04% of users used the app again. The week following their first session (March 5- March 11th), 68.81% of users returned for another session.