You can mark UIViews as sensitive so that their contents will be hidden in the video.
These methods can be called any time after calling Appsee start:. +(void)markViewAsSensitive:(UIView*)view
Marks a view as sensitive. The view will be blacked out in the video (and also the keyboard attached to it).
Parameters: view: A UIView object which contains sensitive information. +(void)unmarkViewAsSensitive:(UIView*)view

Unmark a view as sensitive. Unmarking a view will also prevent future auto-detected views from being masked.
Parameters: view: A UIView object which no longer contains sensitive information.

Appsee automatically hides text fields contained in UIWebViews.
To unhide a specific text element, you can add the ‘appsee-ignore’ class, i.e.: class=”appsee-ignore”
To hide a specific element, such as an image, add the ‘appsee-hide’ class, i.e.: class=”appsee-hide”

Code examples:
Objective C: [Appsee markViewAsSensitive:myView];
Swift: Appsee.markView(asSensitive: myView) Appsee.unmarkView(asSensitive: myView)
React Native: <Button ref='{ x => Appsee.markViewAsSensitive(x) }’ />