Offline sessions occur when users are without connectivity (e.g. flight mode) or on a poor cellular network. With our new Offline feature, you get qualitative data on your users experiencing your app in offline mode and get a full picture of user engagement. For example, what do users do after they pre-loaded your content on wifi? Or how does your product work when there is a poor cellular connection?

Unlike online sessions which contact Appsee servers for up-to-date settings (as defined in the dashboard including ‘video quality’, ‘recording settings’, ‘whitelist or blacklist’), offline sessions cannot reach the servers. Therefore we have created a few options to protect your setup. 

1. (Default) Reuse latest online settings, don’t track first session

  • Takes the latest online settings that are saved on the device and re-uses them for future offline sessions
  • This setting means that we will not track a user that has their first sessions with your app in offline mode. Offline sessions will only be recorded once they have a session that can call our servers

2. Reuse latest online settings, use fallback settings for first sessions

  • The fallback setting lets you set default settings for offline sessions to make sure first sessions are recorded. It is valuable if you have an app designed for offline mode and it is common for your users to have many offline sessions
  • We will not record videos until a user has had an online session
  • Fallback settings can be created using 1) an Appsee pre-built script or 2) manually installing
  • Once fallback files are added, Appsee will verify the setup and you will see this notification:- Click to Zoom

3. Always use fallback files

  • Valuable if you want your offline sessions to always have different settings from your online sessions
  • This will also go through a verification process

Don’t want to track offline sessions?

Please select ‘Do Not Track’ as your version policy. If you have too many versions to do this manually, speak to your Customer Success Manager.

Can I find offline specific sessions and videos?

Yes. You can do this in the Sessions Grid. Use the Filter ‘Connectivity’ and select ‘No Connectivity’. This will show you all your offline sessions and videos