In short – Appsee recommends that you always strive to have the latest available Appsee SDK installed.

Generally, Appsee has 3-4 major SDK releases per year. Sometimes we release a new version to support new functionality (for example ANR detection on Android), so it’s recommended to upgrade immediately in order to benefit from the new functionality.

Sometimes we will release minor update (with a few minor bug fixes) that we will not consider as a mandatory upgrade.
Our SDKs are always backward compatible, but they are not always forward compatible. Meaning, that if, for example, a new OS version is released, Appsee can’t guarantee that an old SDK will be compatible with the OS version.

In that case, we will remotely disable the SDK functionality that may not run smoothly on the new OS release. Appsee typically never enforces an SDK upgrade and never “breaks” existing APIs.