The video settings are separate not only for each app, but also for each platform. This is to give you more freedom in where you utilize your videos.

Here are some examples of recommended recording conditions:

  1. Record crashed sessions: Developers will be able to see crashes without having to reproduce them, saving them valuable time. Customer Support Teams will also be able to utilize the crash videos if there are any support complaints created about a crash session.
  2. Record specific events: When focusing on a specific business process, which you have made an event for, it is useful to have videos for that event, especially when reviewing it in a funnel.
  3. Record specific users: If a customer constantly creates support tickets, it can be very helpful to have videos of that user’s sessions. If you are performing A/B testing, you want to make sure you have videos of users within those tests.
  4. Record specific screens: When making changes to specific screens, it can be very helpful to see how users interact with the changes. Ensuring that you have enough videos to review the screen is essential.
  5. Record specific sessions: Whether you are looking to record a new user & the onboarding experience or a very loyal user, you can select those recording conditions within Appsee!

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