First, please make sure that you have followed the integration instructions for iOS or Android.
There are two main issues that can occur due to an error in integration.

No sessions appear on your dashboard. This is a less common issue, yet if it occurs, please send us the log files to
There could be several reasons for videos not appearing in your dashboard: 1.A misstep in Integration Instructions
First, make sure you have fully followed every element of the integration instructions as specified in our documentation.
2.Forgot to Minimize the Application Recorded video sessions are uploaded only once the app is minimized to the background. If you are running from the simulator and you stop the app (instead of minimizing), the recorded session will not be uploaded. Make sure you press the home button in order to send us the data.
3.Connectivity- Double check that you have a valid internet connection. In addition, by default, videos are recorded and uploaded only on a WiFi connection. Make sure you are not on 3G in this case. If you want to enable recording/uploading using a data plan, go to your app’s video setting page in the dashboard and change the upload policy.

After reviewing these points, if an integration issue still remains please send us the log files by an email to