We’ve added new goodies for R&D & QA teams, with our Logs and Jira Integration (both in BETA), that would fuel mobile development with time-saving, issue crushing capabilities.

Real-time Logs

Appsee Logs are currently available in Beta. The Logs are real-time and can be paired with individual session timelines and replays (on the microsecond level). Appsee also offers free text search and log level filters so you can easily pare through your log data.

You’re able to gain an in-depth view of what a user has done with:

flat view, which is an endless feed of logs that is processed from any app launch, and

group view, which is seeing particular logs from each session, grouped by that session. This means that if you have many app launches and can’t gather insight from the flat view because you can’t see the log that was recorded, then the group view filters the very last log lines that were recorded, per session.

Appsee Logs provide R&D teams with a clearer picture of what’s happening in their app.

New: Jira Integration

Also available in Beta, is Appsee’s Jira integration, which is an efficient ticketing system for developers and QA. This is unique to Appsee because for every crash and ANR, you can link the issue as a ticket in Jira, directly from the Appsee dashboard. Details are automatically filled in by Appsee in the Jira ticket  (title, name of bug, which components, which developer is fixing the bug, etc.). Jira allows R&D teams to rapidly resolve any bugs, with complete organization, which ultimately saves the team countless hours.