Each session tracked by Appsee can be associated with a single app which is uniquely identified by an API key. A unique API key can be used to track both iOS and Android sessions.

Apps can be added, updated and deleted in the “Apps Management” section from the Appsee online dashboard.

To access this section, either click on your username button (top right corner of the dashboard) or click on “Manage Apps” in the Apps selection menu (top left corner of the dashboard).

Adding, Renaming and Deleting Apps

To add a new app to your account: open the “App Management” section, click “Add New App,” enter an app name and click “Agree & Add App.”

Please note that it is highly recommended to use distinct API keys to track Test & Production data.

When creating a new app, we enable you to create an additional API key with same name and a “(Test)” suffix by checking the “Create an additional API key for pre-Launch/development” checkbox.

You can change the name of an existing app by clicking the “Rename” button or to delete an app by clicking the “X” button (this change cannot be reverted).

Apps Management Best Practices

As Appsee automatically detects each session’s operating system and device, we strongly recommend using the same API key to track all platform & device-specific versions of your app. This will enable us to provide a consolidated view of traffic coming through all platforms & devices. To do so, make sure the same API key is used in each “Appsee.Start” call in your iOS / Android app code.

Use the “Platform Navigator” to toggle iOS/Android/All view.

Use “Device Navigator” to toggle Phone/Tablet/All devices views.