To access the Account Management console, click on your username button at the top right corner of the dashboard. You can invite additional team members to use the Appsee dashboard via the “Team” tab in the Account Management section.

User Roles

There are 3 roles available in the Appsee dashboard: Owner, Admin and Viewer.
The account’s owner is the person who originally created the Appsee account, the owner can then invite additional team members to the dashboard (a single email address can be associated with only one Appsee account).
To change the owner of an existing account please email us at
Feature Owner Admin Viewer
Remove / update existing dashboard users
Update sensitive data recording configuration
Set app level permissions

* Only supported for “Enterprise” customers
Edit recording settings
Add dashboard users
Manage funnels, action cohorts and alerts
Upload dSYM and mapping files
View dashboard reports

Inviting New Users & Editing Permissions

Navigate to the “Team” tab in the Account Management window. Input the new user’s email address, pick a role from the drop down list, and click the “Invite New User” button.
To update the role of an existing user, simply click on his existing role, and select the new role from the drop down list (only the account owner can edit user permissions).