Attaching your internal User ID to each session captured in Appsee will allow you to easily find sessions for users to which you know their ID. If you pull your data out through the server API you’ll be able to join it with other data sources in the User ID field. The user ID will also be critical if you are interested in ensuring you record videos of specific users and if users request to delete their data.

Please make sure not to violate privacy! Full name, email address, Device ID or phone number cannot be used as a User ID.

You can read about the API call to set your internal UserID in our documentation (iOS / Android)

To make sure that the User ID is also set when the app comes from the background (and not only when the app is launched) you can utilize Appsee Notifications (iOS / Android):

iOS Implementation

  • Add the following code to your application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method before initiating Appsee:

[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(sessionStarted:)
name:AppseeSessionStartedNotification object:nil];
-(void) sessionStarted:(NSNotification *)notification
[Appsee setUserID:@"1234"];
[Appsee start:@"YOUR API KEY"];

Android Implementation

In your main activity add the following code to the onCreate method before initiating Appsee:

Appsee.addAppseeListener(new AppseeListener()
public void onAppseeSessionStarted(AppseeSessionStartInfo sessionInfo)